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The Magic Life - A Novel Philosophy

"Artists who practice and understand the process of discovering and reifying mystery and a sense of wonder seldom know how to translate this amazing process into words. Ace Starry is not only a magician and writer, he also has an unusual "story" to tell and a magical way to tell it. ...he imparts secrets ... applicable to anyone's life, particularly those wishing to make their lives more meaningful and magical."

- Jon Racherbaumer

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"A fun read! Provocative and inspiring."

-- Peter Studebaker

"Ace Starry's wonderful novel celebrates the borderline between wild fantasy and real life. Rejoice in this story. Its message is the most important one you'll ever hear."

-- Uri Geller, World Famous Paranormalist and Author

"Here is a wonderful, compelling story about how magic and a very mysterious magician, change one person's life in a way he couldn't have imagined. ... Not only is it a wonderful story, but it's a lesson in life. ... Get this book. You won't learn one darn magic trick from it, but you'll learn a lot about LIFE! ... Highly, highly recommended."

-- Bryan Dean, MAGICTALK

"I enjoyed the book. I can see where anyone who might be struggling with the who, what and how of life would find it inspiring. ... I was intrigued by the twists of the plot ...certainly did not see them coming."

- David Goodsell

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